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Products & Services

  • Hydraulic Gates

TSP is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and erection of all types of Hydraulic Gates i.e., Radial Gates, Flap Gates, Fixed Wheel Gates, Slide Gates, Stoplog Gates covering Intakes, Sluices, Spillways, Draft Tubes and Canal Gates. In the area of Gates & Hoists, TSP can supply, install & commission entire range of Hydro-mechanical equipment for the construction of Irrigation and Power projects on turnkey basis.

1. Radial Gates

2. Vertical Lift Gates

3. Slide Gates

4. Stoplog Gates

TSP's supply Programme, based on its know how and vast expertise can tailor-make all such equipment for specific project requirements and for different heads of water. Total tonnage of such gates & embedded parts designed, fabricated & installed by TSP in India & abroad is estimated to be about 250,000 MT for nearly 250 Projects since 1960.

  • Hoists for Hydraulic Gates

The Company designs and manufactures Rope Drum Hoists, Screw Hoists, Hydraulic Hoists for use in the operation of Hydraulic gates.

1. Rope Drum Hoists

2. Hydraulic Hoists 

With comprehensive facilities for bending, automatic welding, radiographic and hydraulic testing to produce penstocks of finest quality and dependability out of various types of steel available at both shops and sites. TSP is equipped to undertake design, fabrication and installation of penstocks , including specials such as bifurcation, bends, transition expansion joints etc. The total tonnage of penstock pipes of different diameters & types of steel fabricated and erected for various Hydro Power Projects in India will add up to more than 25,000 M. T. till date.

TSP undertakes design, manufacture, supply and installation of various kinds of cranes i.e., Gantry Cranes, Goliath Cranes and E.O.T Cranes of different capacities to Indian and International Standards.

1. Gantry Cranes

2. E. O. T. Cranes

The Company has recently supplied a Power House E.O.T Crane of 140/20 Tonne capacity to UEB, as a part of the execution of an export order secured by the company. The total tonnage of various types of E.O.T, Gantry and Goliath Cranes, designed, manufactured and installed by TSP so far would be about 10,000 M. T.

TSP is now entering the area of supply and installation of steel Mill duty cranes and equipment required for the various new steel plants being set up in the Central and Western parts of Karnataka, India in collaboration with reputed European Companies.

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Tungabhadra Steel Products Limited 
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