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Resources & Facilities



    The company is equipped with full fledged design and 
    engineering facilities including CAD system to take up Design Office
    design and engineering of all types of hydro-mechanical equipment, Process equipment, Steel Plant equipment, Cranes, Mill Building structures and towers. The design office is managed by 40 Engineers and Draughts men, well experienced in design and detailing work for various types of structurals,
    mechanical and electrical items involved in the above 
    heavy engineering equipment.

    CAD Facilities


    Air Plasma Cutting Submerged Arc Welding
    Air Plasma Cutting Submerged Arc Welding

    TIG  Welding
    TIG  Welding

    CO2 Welding
    CO2 Welding

The works at Tungabhadra Dam (Hospet) has got a total covered shop area of about 21,600 Sq.Metres, equipped with a number of E.O.T. Cranes ranging from 5T to 25T capacity and encompassing Heavy Structural Shop, Light Structural Shop, Machine Shop, Galvanizing plant, Foundry and Rubber seal shop. It has also an open area of about 121,410 Sq.Metres, spread over 30 acres of land utilized for auxiliary manufacturing activities like sand blasting / painting, assembly of cranes, gates and other equipment. The shop is equipped with a variety of cutting and welding machines including Submerged, Auto, TIG and MIG welding facilities. The material preparation section has a number of Gas cutting, Shearing, Punching and Bending / straightening machines. The shop is also having an array of most sophisticated machine tools - vertical / horizontal boring, turning, drilling and milling machines, heavy duty lathes, gear hobbing, plano milling, planning and shaping machines apart from CNC Machines to ensure continuous and quality production. Stress relieving and annealing furnaces are also available for in-house heat treatment of heavily welded products. The Foundry is capable of producing non-ferrous castings up to 1MT capacity.


    Lab Facilities Dye Penetrant

    Magnetic Particle Testing 

    Lab Facilities  Dye Penetrant Magnetic Particle Testing
     X-Ray Equipment Gamma Ray Testing  Ultrasonic Testing
    X-Ray Equipment Gamma Ray Testing Ultrasonic Testing

The Quality control department including its chemical and mechanical testing laboratories are recognized by Bureau Veritas, Lloyds and other reputed National / International inspection and certifying agencies. It is equipped with all types destructive and non-destructive testing facilities, including Ultrasonic, Magnetic particle, Dye penetrant and Radiography.

Testing of Yoke, 
Anchor Girders  & Tieflats assemby for 
Sardar Sarovar Project
Radial Gates - Test load:2121.75 MT.
Shop assembly & testing of 
18.3M x 16.76M radial gate 
for Sarda Sarovar Project
Shop testing of 
75MT cap.Hydraulic Hoist with power pack 
for Owen falls Extn project Uganda

    Horizontal Boring Machine

    Plano Miller

    Plano Miller Machine

    Single Column Vertical Turning & Boring Mill

    Horizontal Boring Machine

    Plano Miller

    CNC Lathe

    Single Column 
    Vertical Turning
    & Boring Mill

    The salient features of some of the machines available for production are
    as follows :

  • Vertical Boring & Turning Mills (4 nos.) with maximum size
    of work piece 4250 mm dia. x 2000 mm Height

  • Horizontal Boring machine (3 nos.) with maximum size of
    spindle 130 mm dia. and  size of table 1885mm x 5600mm.

  • Floor type horizontal Milling & Boring machine (SKODA) with
    size of table 1880 mm x 6410 mm and spindle dia.200 mm.

  • Heavy duty Lathes (8 nos.) with maximum size of work piece
    1650 mm dia. x 6300 mm length.

  • Gear Hobbing machines ( 4 nos.) can hob 16 module gears with maximum dia. of job 2200 mm (with support.)

  • Edge Planning Machine with length of 12 Metres.

  • Plano-Miller of max. Job size 7000 mm L x 1500 mm W and 
    7000 mm stroke.

  • Three & Four Roll Bending Machines with maximum capacity
    for bending 3000 mm wide and 50 mm thick plates.

  • Hydraulic Jacks (18 nos.) with maximum 1000 T capacity.

  • Press Brakes upto 400 T capacity.

  • Stress Relieving Furnace 2.76 M Width x 2.45 M Height x 9 M

  • Mobile Cranes ( Tata P & H / Coles / TIL Make) 5 T to 15 T
    capacity-14 Nos.

  • NH CNC Lathe of bed 1850 mm and Swing 570 mm.

  • Drilling, Milling, Punching and Shearing, Shaping Machines.

  • Plasma cutting Machines.

  • Welding Equipment : Manual Arc, Sub-merged Arc, TIG, CO2.

  • Oil fired furnace for non ferrous castings - 1 MT Capacity

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Tungabhadra Steel Products Limited 
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